Kim Foxx Recuses Herself AGAIN, this Time After Controversial Selfie Revealed

April 23, 2019Apr 23, 2019

Some people are wondering if maybe it’s time for Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx to find a new job — perhaps as a full-time liberal activist.

Foxx recused herself, not long ago, from the Jussie Smollett case after having a conversation with a friend of Smollett’s family who also happened to be a former Michelle Obama aide.

Text messages later revealed that Foxx was still involved in the case after that point, and the prosecutor backtracked on her claim that she had recused herself.

Now she’s recused herself — perhaps for real this time — after a controversial selfie was revealed involving her work on the case of an anti-police activist who is accused of attacking several officers, according to CBS Chicago.

Jedidiah Brown reportedly punched and kicked several Chicago police officers last year during a protest of a fatal police shooting. His case is being handled by Foxx’ office.

But a recently revealed Facebook photo showed a smiling selfie Foxx took with Brown. The photo was snapped while the case was pending against Brown.

James McKay, an attorney for one of the officers involved in Brown’s arrest, is demanding Foxx be removed from the case because of that photo. On top of that, Brown and Foxx were spotted together just three weeks ago at a Rainbow/PUSH Coalition.

If you remember, Rainbow/PUSH is liberal activist Rev. Jessie Jackson’s organization. Smollett did a few hours of community service with Rainbow/PUSH, apparently, as part of his deal to get his 16 felony counts dropped by Foxx’ office.

“When you’re taking pictures with the prosecutor while you have a case pending, that appearance is of impropriety calls out for removal of that prosecutor,” McKay said.

“If a prosecutor has a relationship — whether it’s a working relationship, a political relationship, a personal relationship — he or she should remove themselves from that case so it appears to be fair and impartial for both sides,” he added.

A Foxx assistant, Jeff Allen, says the prosecutor had no idea about the pending case when she took the selfie with Brown. McKay isn’t buying that and says she should have known better.

In reference to the revelation of Brown’s and Foxx’s joint appearance at the Rainbow/PUSH event, McKay said, “It compromised [the officers’] confidence in the criminal justice system to say the least. This came to fruition as a result of that press conference, and right now they’re thankful that at least now they have an opportunity for fairness at the trial.”

But it gets even crazier.

When questioned, Brown’s lawyers admitted that the anti-police activist was also a volunteer for Foxx’ successful 2016 campaign to become the Cook County State’s Attorney.

Just another fascinating day in Chicago politics.

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