Report: Kim Jong Un Cried After Seeing Effects of Trump's Sanctions

May 31, 2018May 31, 2018

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un reportedly broke down in tears when he witnessed the consequences of his country’s horrible economy, a sign that President Donald Trump’s tough sanctions are working.

The dictator was reportedly caught on video crying because he’s upset he is unable to improve North Korea's economy. Japan's Asahi Shinbum obtained the alleged video and quoted a defector with contacts inside the country as a source.

The footage first emerged in April, during the time North Korea was offering the possibility of denuclearization. There is still the possibility of Trump and Kim Jong Un holding a historic meeting in the near future.

President Trump said on Thursday that summit talks were going well and revealed North Korean may come to Washington, D.C., with a letter directly from Kim Jong Un.

The video of the Kim Jong Un crying, if proven to be authentic, would come as a shock to the people of North Korea as he is “essentially worshipped as a god-like figure with an impossible mythology surrounding his bloodline,” Business Insider’s Alex Lockie writes.

Meanwhile, experts have speculated that Kim Jong Un is not actually serious about disarming his country and is merely trying to get U.S. help with its economy.

In fact, a CIA report indicated North Korea may offer to open a “Western hamburger franchise in Pyongyang as a show of goodwill, according to three national security officials,” NBC News reported.

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