Kirsten Gillibrand Still Considering A 2020 Presidential Run Despite Promising Not To

November 09, 2018Nov 09, 2018

Democratic Sen. Kristen Gillibrand announced on Thursday that she is still considering launching bid for the presidency in 2020 even though she promised prior to her midterm election that she would serve her full six year term if re-elected to the Senate.

While appearing on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert asked the New York senator whether she contemplating a presidential run.

“I do think it’s an important question,” Gillibrand responded. “I believe its a moral question for me … And as I’ve traveled across my state, across this country for all these candidates, I’ve seen the hatred and division that President Trump has put into our country and it has called me to fight as hard as I possibly can restore the moral compass of this country.”


“I believe right now that every one of us should figure out how we can do whatever we can with our time, with our talents to restore that moral decency, that moral compass, that truth of who we are as Americans,” Gillibrand continued. “So I will promise you I will give it a long, hard thought of consideration. I will do that.”

However, only two weeks earlier, Gillibrand pledged during a debate with her GOP challenger that she would “serve [her] six year term” if she won re-election.

Gillibrand handily won re-election on Tuesday by 33 points.

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