Leaked Trump Tape Shows the Real Donald Trump — It Isn't What People Think!

July 26, 2018Jul 26, 2018

In a leaked audio clip that allegedly reveals then-candidate Donald Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen talking about hush money, Trump’s voice is heard making one simple request:

"Get me a coke, please."

That’s the juicy part that caught people’s attention amidst a muddled, incomplete tape that many have found inconclusive, according to the Daily Wire. That’s saying something.

For some people it was confirmation that President Trump is a heavy drinker — of Diet Cokes, that is. After a lengthy New York Times story made a brief mention of Trump drinking a dozen Diet Cokes a day, the mainstream media and comedians went nuts, mocking and ridiculing him.

The Times didn’t appear to present any evidence for their claim or clarify if their “dozen” number is an exaggeration or not. Neither Snopes nor PolitiFact appear to have addressed the claim either.

But another aspect of Trump’s “Get me a coke, please” line caught his critics’ attention: The fact that he so naturally said “please.”

It’s not a word his harshest detractors expect to come out of the mouth of a president some have referred to as “literally Hitler.”

“Wow, he said please,” wrote Twitter user Derick Jones.


“He said please? Must be a fake,” remarked Twitter user Koren Marie Patrick.


“Trump says ‘Please’ to the help. That’s my President,” added Trump supporter Shawn McGillicutty, according to CNN.

CNN even did a report on Trump’s request for lack of anything more interesting to write about from the Trump-Cohen audio clip, it seems. They even wrote the headline “Trump caught on tape: Get me a Coke, please.”



There’s been no word yet of why Trump is so intolerant of Pepsi.

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