Leftist Media Attacks Article for Showing SCOTUS Nominee Is a Great Dad–Then They Blush

July 12, 2018Jul 12, 2018

The Washington Post published an article that praised Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh for his parenting of his two young daughters. The article was titled, “I don’t know Kavanaugh the judge. But Kavanaugh the carpool dad is one great guy.”

Of course, other liberal media members could not take even the slightest praise for any conservative member of the government.


“I legit can’t believe this got published,” said MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.


“Every single person responsible for that piece about Kavanuagh the carpool dad being published in a major newspaper should be required to personally apologize to every single person who read it or learned about it,” said Ian Milhiser of ThinkProgress.

But it was Emily Peck’s reactionary article for the Huffington Post that drew the most attention.


“By playing up his role as a good carpool dad to girls, Team Kavanaugh seems to be trying to distract us from his terrifying record on reproductive rights,” wrote Peck.

Alex Griswold of The Washington Free Beacon pointed out the hypocrisy of Peck’s article as she wrote a similar piece last year that praised politicians like Obama for being less sexist because they have daughters.


Others joined in.



Peck eventually responded to the criticism:


“I get the criticism, especially if you only read headlines. And that seems to be where this is at. But if you read both pieces they don't contradict each other,” she wrote.

However, one article states “He interacts with women, therefore he is a friend to women. It’s an argument with fragile logic,” while the other says, “Bottom line: The best way to reduce sexism and bias is to mingle with the opposite sex.”

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