Liberal Activist Tries to Derail Mike Pence Speech, Immediately Regrets Decision

July 11, 2018Jul 11, 2018

A liberal activist attempted to disrupt Vice President Mike Pence’s speech in Kansas City on Wednesday — but he didn’t get very far.

As Pence started speaking, a man started angrily yelling at the vice president.

“Mike, where are the children? Shame on you!” the man shouted.

Watch the moment below:

Within seconds, the man was drowned out completely by boos and chants of “USA! USA!” He was also physically removed from the event by security officials with some police assistance.

Pence has been making headlines all week. On Tuesday, Pence was asked by CNN whether he wanted the Roe v. Wade abortion decision to be overturned by the Supreme Court. He didn't hold back in his response.

"I do," he responded. "But I haven't been nominated to the Supreme Court."

Watch the video via CNN below:

Roe v. Wade has been the center of debate ever since President Donald Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Liberal pundits have claimed Trump's nominee will help outlaw abortion in the United States.

Pence also claimed neither he nor Trump discussed Roe v. Wade with Kavanaugh prior to his nomination.

“I stand for the sanctity of life,” Pence added. “This administration, this president are pro-life. … What we really focused on was the character, the background, the credentials, and the judicial philosophy.”

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