Liberal Attempts to STILL Paint MAGA Teens as Racists Fail Miserably, Laughably

January 22, 2019Jan 22, 2019

It’s hard to know exactly what is in the hearts and minds of all the boys that attend Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky but attempts to show them and their school as still being racist, sexist, and full of President Trump-inspired hatred are failing miserably and laughably.

Initially, the mainstream media and social media networks helped fuel outrage by sharing a ten-second video of an incident following the pro-life March for Life rally and insisting, without evidence, that it was a display of racism by young Trump supporters against a Native American elder. The video clip shows a young man standing placidly in front of a drum-beating Native American elder while other high schoolers jump up and down and recite their school spirit chant.

Then longer videos showed that the confrontation started with the anti-semitic, black supremacist group Hebrew Israelites, who were yelling racist and anti-gay slurs at the Catholic boys, a group of Native American activists, and other people in the area at the conclusion of the pro-life and Indigenous Peoples March.

The boys, who couldn’t go anywhere because they were waiting for their bus, responded by chanting to the drumbeat of the Native American elder. The young man, Nick Sandmann, who stood smiling, at the elder did not take part in the chant but has become the focus of the story and has been receiving death threats.

After the broader context of the incident was revealed, showing no racism on the point of the Catholic school boys, many mainstream media outlets were quick to retract their original stories and some celebrities who condemned the boys apologized.

But some liberals are desperate to make the whole incident still fit their “Trump supporters and pro-lifers are hateful people” narrative. They’re digging up all sorts of “evidence” that the Covington Catholic is raising a generation of racists and sexists, but they’re finding that “evidence” quickly debunked.

Liberal comedian Kathy Griffin was one of many people who apparently tried to spread the news that the Covington boys were flashing the OK hand-sign, a white supremacist symbol that started out as an internet hoax but is actually used by a few white supremacists now, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In a now-deleted tweet, she posted a photo of Covington basketball players making that sign with their hands. The only problem is, it’s a common “three-pointer” hand gesture, as Matt Walsh, the Daily Wire, and others pointed out in reply.

Some media outlets tried to claim that Covington basketball fans were being racist by wearing blackface. Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor and conservative school safety advocate Kyle Kashuv denounced that myth in a one-minute video.

Then there’s the less reported-on video from the encounter between the Covington school boys and the Hebrew Israelites where a teen boy declares “it’s not rape if you enjoy it.” Some people incorrectly reported his statement as “it’s not rape if she enjoys it” and claimed he was standing next to Sandmann when he said it.

While the statement the kid makes is very disturbing, here are a few things to note. One, the video is only thirty seconds long, so it’s hard to know the context. Two, it’s unclear if the kid was being serious or sarcastic. He appears to be replying to something the Hebrew Israelites were saying, and they were making sexual remarks. Three, he wasn’t wearing a MAGA hat and it’s unclear if he goes to that school. There are a number of girls in that video who obviously don’t attend the all-male Covington school.

Those reasons may be why the mainstream media hasn’t jumped all over this video, considering how badly they botched their reporting on the first video.

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