Liberal CNN Voice Heaps Praise on President Trump: ‘This is History!’

December 19, 2018Dec 19, 2018

A liberal CNN voice heaped praise on President Trump Tuesday night.

That in itself is news.

CNN contributor and former co-host Van Jones, who once served as President Obama’s environmental adviser, raved about Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner after the Senate passed a criminal justice reform bill 87 to 12, according to CNN. Trump is expected to sign the bill this week before he heads to Mar-a-Lago for Christmas.

While some Republicans voted against the bill, cautioning that it could let dangerous lawbreakers reentering society too early, many joined Democrats in giving it a thumbs up.

“This is history!” Jones exclaimed as the Senate voted. “This is a Christmas miracle underway.”

“For the first time in a generation, Republicans and Democrats are arm-in-arm tonight saying ‘We are sending too many people to prison. They’re coming out bitter and not better. We want to make a tremendous difference.’”

“I want to say, Hakeem Jeffries on the left, Jared Kushner, and Donald Trump on the right have brought together a coalition like I’ve never seen,” he continued excitedly. “You’ve got literally the National Association of Manufacturers, Fox News, and Sean Hannity on the same page with Nancy Pelosi, Cory Booker, the ACLU, #cut50.”

“Something beautiful is happening!”

Jones later spoke with an unsmiling CNN anchor Don Lemon, informing him that “What this bill does is unbelievable. It means that 100 percent of people who are behind bars in the federal system can stay out of trouble and come home a little sooner. Half of them can work hard and earn their way home sooner.”

“A hundred percent of women behind bars can no longer be shackled when they’re giving birth and mistreated,” he continued, still filled with emotion. “A hundred percent of juveniles can no longer be put in solitary confinement.”

“We have a Christmas miracle in America!”

Jones surprised many liberals and conservatives when he initially teamed up with the Trump administration to push for prison reform. He joined pop star icons like Kim Kardashian West and her husband Kanye West, both of who received immense criticism for even meeting with the president.

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