Liberals Blame Trump After Guy Yells Anti-Semitic Slogans at Jewish Musical; But Guess What...

November 16, 2018Nov 16, 2018

Liberals were quick to blame President Trump after a man appeared to yell anti-Semitic and pro-Trump slogans during the performance of a Jewish musical Wednesday night.

And then the truth came out.

According to the Baltimore Sun, 58-year-old Anthony M. Derlunas shouted phrases like “Heil, Hitler!” and “Heil, Trump!” and threw up a Nazi salute after a pivotal scene in “Fiddler on the Roof” where a Jewish wedding is crashed by abusive Russian soldiers.

The loud outburst was heard throughout the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore and sparked panic.

“People started running,” said audience member Rich Scherr. “I’ll be honest, I was waiting to hear a gunshot. I thought, ‘Here we go.’”

Another audience member, Samit Verma, said, “The people around me appeared to be quite shaken by the incident. There were some people in tears.”

Derlunas was escorted out of the theater and banned from the venue for life. Liberals lunged for Trump’s throat on social media.

“The president very clearly thinks his base is activated by racism and bigotry, and racists and bigots very clearly think the president is on their side,” said MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Twitter.

Filmmaker Jeremy Newberger wrote, “Of course Neo-Nazis are disrupting productions of Fiddler on the Roof. There is a 57% rise in anti-semitism. Our President tweets Nazi memes. The new House Minority Leader tweets about evil Jews buying our elections. Both sides aren't good people.”

“This is where we are in the era of Trump. He fans hatred daily,” wrote political author Amy Siskind. “We must all be vigilant to be the voice of light right now.”

And then the Baltimore Sun revealed that the yelling man is actually a Trump critic — and a very drunk one at the time.

Derlunas claims that the persecution of the Jews depicted in the play made him think of Trump’s immigration policy, and when he yelled out, he was trying to connect Trump to Hitler and call them both evil.

“Instantly it was like, ‘Oh my God, what did you do? The thing that I can’t stand is Trump spreading hatred, and what did I do? I spread hatred,” Derlunas said.

“I shouldn’t have taken my political frustrations out at a public show. How I could have been so stupid and insensitive, I don’t know,” he continued. “I was so insensitive. But I am not a racist, I am not anti-Semitic. I feel so sorry for the fear and the people’s night that I ruined. I just wasn’t thinking at the time.”

He added that he rarely drinks alcohol but had consumed several glasses of wine before the show. No mention was made of Trump’s pro-Israel actions during his presidency, such as officially recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

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