Libs Demand Sarah Sanders Resign for Sharing 'Doctored' Acosta Video, But There's One Big Problem

November 08, 2018Nov 08, 2018

Liberals on Thursday were demanding that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders resign her position after she shared a “doctored” video of CNN reporter Jim Acosta forcefully laying his hand on a White House intern during a fiery exchange with President Trump.

But there’s one big problem.

The whole incident started when CNN’s chief White House correspondent started asking Trump questions at a post-election conference at the White House on Wednesday. Acosta came across as instantly accusatory — and very unprofessional, in the minds of many — in his questioning of the president.

Trump answered his questions, then tried to move on to the next reporter as journalists’ around the room raised their hands to be called upon. The White House intern assigned to passing the microphone around to each journalist tried to collect the microphone from Acosta.

Acosta refused to give the microphone up after she made multiple attempts to grab it. He even laid his hand on her, shoving her elbow down in an obvious attempt to break her grip.

Even after Acosta finally relinquished the microphone, he stood up and started yelling at the president while another reporter was trying to ask questions. All those elements were likely factors in the Trump administration suspending his White House media pass until further notice Wednesday evening.

Sanders specifically addressed Acosta’s physical altercation with the female intern, saying that “The fact that CNN is proud of the way their employee behaved is not only disgusting, it‘s an example of their outrageous disregard for everyone, including young women, who work in this Administration.”

Incredible, Acosta denied putting his hands on the intern at all, The Hill reported. Sanders later shared a clip of the altercation on Twitter, writing that his “inappropriate behavior” is clearly shown in the video.

But now liberals are claiming the video Sanders showed — posted by Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson — is doctored. The clip she shared does zoom in on the chopping motion Acosta makes on the intern’s elbow and slow it down to make it easier to see, but according to Fox News, liberals on Twitter are claiming the footage is sped up for a micro-second to make the chopping motion look faster and more “menacing.”

Slate’s Aymann Ismail shared a side-by-side comparison of Watson’s clip with another clip to try to prove Watson sped things up.

You might go bug-eyed trying to see what they’re talking about. How fast or slow the arm chop was, though, it was forceful enough to cause the intern’s arm to suddenly drop several inches.

Despite all that, the vitriol spewed towards Sanders on Thursday was astounding.

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders should resign over this video,” demanded Entertainment Weekly’s Dana Schwartz. “This is shameful propaganda. It's Orwellian.”

Bill Palmer of the Palmer Report wrote on Twitter, “This video clearly shows a White House aide physically assaulting Jim Acosta. You’re a sick twisted [F-bomb], Sarah. You need to resign and seek professional psychiatric treatment.”

“Hey Sarah. Please resign,” ordered film producer Josh Ruben.

Hill Reporter editor Brian Krassenstein demanded, “Sarah Sanders should be immediately fired!”

His brother and Hill Reporter co-founded Ed wrote, “Sarah Sanders has met the legal standard for 'libel'. I'm calling on @CNN and @Acosta to sue her for this horrific act!”

Acosta’s behavior in all of this, though, appears to be ignored by the left.

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