Limbaugh: Trump Just Told Me His Gov’t Shutdown Fight Plan, Dems Will Be MAD

December 20, 2018Dec 20, 2018

Legendary radio host Rush Limbaugh revealed on Thursday that President Donald Trump told him his plan in his government shutdown fight with Democrats over the border wall.

“The president got word to me 20 minutes ago that if it comes back to him without money, if whatever happens in the House and Senate comes back to him with no allocation of $5 billion for the wall than he’s going to veto it,” Limbaugh told his radio listeners.

As far as Limbaugh is concerned, the plan is brilliant because the American people support his efforts to strengthen border security. Prior to his discussion with Trump, Limbaugh was openly critical of reports that Trump planned to back down on the border wall.

“Veto this thing and then head down to Mar-a-Lago. I will meet you on the first tee wherever you want to play golf, whenever, and this will end up being resolved in your favor,” he advised Trump.

Trump previously told Limbaugh that a government shutdown over the wall and border security would be a “great political thing.”

“I happen to think it’s a great political thing because people want border security,” Trump said. “It’s not just the wall, Rush, as you know. It’s border security.”

Sure enough, President Trump told Republicans on Thursday he would refuse to sign a bill that does not include funds for border security.

“Fox News has learned the House will try to amend the Senate bill with an additional $5 billion for a border wall, as sought by Trump,” Fox News reported.

The report added: “But it's unclear whether that would pass -- and it would face an even tougher time in the Senate, with the clock ticking before a Friday shutdown deadline.”

Do you support Trump’s plan to force Congress to strengthen America’s borders?

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