Look at This: 100% Devastation Encompassed Everything Around the American Flag – But It Withstood the Fire

November 13, 2018Nov 13, 2018

The raging Camp Fire in northern California has caused a vast amount of destruction as well as dozens of deaths as it burns through the dry hills north of Sacramento.

Amid the smoldering ruins stood an American flag, untouched and unburned from the fires that swept through the town of Paradise, which burned to the ground from the fast-moving flames.

Members of the search and rescue team combing through the ruins found themselves reenacting the words of the national anthem as they discovered that “our flag was still there.”

"It definitely caught my attention, it was pretty amazing to see," said officer Julius Lewis of the Elk Grove Police Department. "The house in the backdrop was completely burnt to the ground, yet the flag was still there."


“Our officers were driving down one street where every house had been leveled, nothing left, except a flagpole that was standing with [the] flag in almost perfect condition,” wrote the Elk Grove Police Department on Twitter. “Our officers documented the address and secured the flag in hopes to return it to the owners one day.”

“It really is something that pictures and video can't really explain it, like being there,” Lewis continued. “It was really eerie, felt like something kind of like Armageddon.”


"Once the situation stabilizes in Paradise and things calm down a little bit, we'll try to work with the city there, and public records or however we can do that to try to locate the owners," said fellow officer Katie Cooley. "We documented the address and we'll try to figure out who the rightful owner is."

Authorities are still determining the exact cause of the fire, but one woman who owns land near where the fire broke out said that the Pacific Gas & Electric Co. was seeking access to her property due to a faulty utility power line causing sparks.

Our prayers go out to all those affected by the fires in California, especially those who have lost or missing loved ones.

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