Video Shows Maduro Regime Troops Opening Fire on Disarmed Citizens in Venezuela

April 30, 2019Apr 30, 2019

Shocking new video footage out of Venezuela reportedly shows Muduro regime troops opening fire on a crowd of protesters as the nation’s crisis intensifies.

Watch the video below (WARNING: Graphic content):

Another video shared by NBC News showed an armored military vehicle slamming into protesters in Caracas.

Part of what’s making it so easy for the government to abuse its protesting citizens is the lack of any gun rights. Even liberal MSNBC admitted as much on Tuesday.

“In Venezuela, gun ownership is not something that's open to everybody. So if the military have the guns, they have the power,” a reporter said on the air.

President Donald Trump took a stand against the socialist Maduro regime to support the people of Venezuela on Tuesday.

“I am monitoring the situation in Venezuela very closely. The United States stands with the People of Venezuela and their Freedom!” Trump tweeted.

White House national security adviser John Bolton revealed concerning new details about who is helping the Maduro regime hold onto its power.

"The Cubans, we believe, have played a very significant role in propping Maduro up today, possibly with help from the Russians. That's the speculation, certainly in Caracas,” Bolton said.

Media censorship was well underway on Tuesday as well.

Pray for the people of Venezuela as they try to topple the oppressive socialist regime.

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