Male Teacher Reportedly Punished for Refusing to Watch Girl Undress in Boys Locker Room

November 14, 2018Nov 14, 2018

Common sense is dying in America, little by little, every day as political correctness and progressive policies take hold.

A supreme example of that is coming out of Pasco County in Florida, where a male teacher was reportedly punished for refusing to observe a girl getting undressed in a boy’s school locker room.

According to a warning sent to a Pasco County school district chairwoman, the non-profit Liberty Counsel litigation organization says the parents of a female student at Chasco Middle School — northwest of Tampa — determined this school year that they want their daughter to not only be referred to as “he” or “him” but be allowed to use the boys bathrooms and locker rooms. The school complied.

A P.E. teacher identified in the letter as Robert O. says he not only has a problem with the girl being allowed in the boys locker room without notifying the parents of the boys, but he strongly objects to being ordered to supervise all the students in the locker room when the girl is in there.

Robert felt it wasn’t right to be in there when there’s a “girl potentially being nude or undressed in that area” because of the “open locker area” and “open showers.” Yet he is required as part of his P.E. job to “periodically walk in and supervise.”

“Robert will not knowingly place himself in a position to observe a minor female in the nude or otherwise in a state of undress,” the letter states.

He’s not the only person uncomfortable with a girl — who says she identifies as a boy — being in such a private, males-only area.

“Yesterday (Thursday, September 27, 2018), the girl was admitted to the boys locker room for the first time, and walked in, catching boys (literally) with their pants down, causing them embarrassment and concern by the fact that they have been observed changing by an obvious girl,” the Liberty Counsel wrote.

The boys immediately went to Robert and fellow P.E. teacher Stephanie C. to express their concern. Stephanie is also objecting to the school’s policy.

But Robert says as punished for refusing to be in the position of watching a girl undress, he has been told he’ll be sent to a different school for “not doing your job in the locker room.”

Liberty Counsel is arguing that the school district is violating Supreme Court decisions in putting the “gender identity” of one student above the privacy rights of many.

“The privacy rights of male students do not disappear or depend solely on the beliefs of one female student about her own gender,” the Liberty Counsel wrote. “A boy’s rights are his, and not dependent upon a female’s beliefs.”

“The same is true for the privacy rights of females as to males,” they added. “The conscience rights of teachers likewise do not evaporate simply upon one student’s beliefs about her gender.”

In conclusion, the Liberty Counsel insisted that the school inform parents about a girl being in the boys locker room, not force people to call her a “him,” and not punish teachers for following their conscience on the matter.

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