Man Says He’s Female, Sent to Women's Prison; What Happened Next Actually Surprised People

July 20, 2018Jul 20, 2018

When 51-year-old Karen White was sent to a women’s prison in the UK last year, the British authorities thought everything would be fine. But there was one problem: White is a man.

According to the Daily Mail, White was incarcerated at the New Hall Prison in West Yorkshire by authorities who knew his biological gender but decided it would be safe to allow him to live in close quarters — devoid of privacy — with the gender he identified with. White had apparently been dressing up as a woman for two years but had not undergone surgery.

Not long after he was placed in the women’s prison, he was accused of committing numerous verbal and physical sexual offenses against his female inmates, BBC News reported.

Incredibly, such horrific instances came as a surprise to some people.

White has since been moved to a men’s prison while the case goes through the courts. Incredible, the concept of putting men and women’s prisons is not unheard of in the UK.

According to the Ministry of Justice, most cases of “transgender” inmates results in them being sent into the prison population they identify with rather than the one they actually belong in. They are allowed to “experience the system” they feel they belong to.

No explanation was given as to why female prisoners were being forcefully locked in jail with a male criminal.

The incident illustrated yet another example of the rights and safety of women — something liberals claim to care about — being usurped by the wishes of men who claim to be women — a population group liberals seem to care about more.

In America, which is not quite as “progressive” as the UK yet when it comes to disregarding biological gender, unincarcerated women are having to fight for their safety and privacy in using public restrooms and dressing rooms as more and more businesses and municipalities decide that they’ll no longer discourage men from invading women-only facilities.

The Target retail chain really brought this to light two years ago when it publicly declared that men could use the girls’ bathrooms or fitting rooms if they simply felt female that day. And while these issues are getting less attention today, the battle continues, often fought by women against large corporations.

A female sexual assault survivor in Florida, for instance, is in the midst of a legal fight with national chain Planet Fitness. She says they banned her from their gyms after she complained about a man standing at a mirror in one of their dressing room for an hour with a full view of women at their lockers and coming in and out of their showers.

Back in the UK, there’s been no word yet if authorities are considering releasing prisoners who identify as innocent people.

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