Man Was Beating Woman and Her Young Daughter — Then Armed Neighbor Shows Up...

October 18, 2018Oct 18, 2018

A man was allegedly beating a woman and her young daughter on Tuesday night when an armed neighbor came to the rescue.

The neighbor, who has not been identified, retrieved his firearm when he realized the woman and her daughter were in danger and attempted to stop the attack, which occurred at the River Chase Apartments in Clarksville, Indiana.

The neighbor ordered the attacker to stop and sit down on the curb until police arrived, according to Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull. While the attacker complied at fired, he tried to attack the armed good Samaritan neighbor and ignored his warnings to back down, WAVE-TV reported.

The neighbor trained his gun on the attacker and when he lunged toward him, he shot him. The accurate shot proved to be deadly.

Police believe the shooting was justified.

"Based upon what we learned last night, I'm of the belief that it was self-defense, that it was justified under the law and therefore there was no arrest made in the case," Mull explained.

He added, ”In a case where an individual was acting violently and had just violently assaulted a child and a defenseless lady. Due to his intervention, that assault was terminated and this individual was ultimately killed in an act of self-defense.”

It's just the latest case where an armed citizen has exercised their Second Amendment right to potentially save lives.

Sadly, the region has seen a spike in domestic violence.

"An autopsy is expected to be conducted on the man Thursday. His identity is expected to be released once that's complete. His identity and others have not been released until family members can be notified. Clarksville Police said this was a case of domestic battery. Domestic violence situations aren't uncommon for the region, but they are dangerous, often deadly," WAVE-TV reported.

If you need help or feel like you are in danger, call 1-844-237-2331.

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