Man Who Destroyed Trump’s Star Names Big-Name Celebrities Who Personally Praised Him

July 27, 2018Jul 27, 2018

The man who turned himself in after smashing President Trump’s Walk of Fame star with a pickaxe on Wednesday is speaking out, and he’s claiming that several very well-known Hollywood celebrities have called him to personally congratulate him for his actions.

It’s actually quite believable.

In an interview published by TMZ, 24-year-old Austin Clay explained, “I just felt really passionate about what happened with the immigrants and stripping children away from their parents, and that just sort of set me off.”

“For a while, I kind of distanced myself from politics,” he continued. “And when I kind of came back into politics and started paying attention again to all that’s going on, it kind of lit something off inside of me.”

That newfound political fire apparently drove him to repeatedly swing a pickaxe at a slab of concrete in the early morning hours in an attempt to make some sort of profound, uh, statement against Trump.

“When I think of the stars, and I think of the people who you look down one when you’re going through there [the Walk of Fame], you should feel inspired. Like, these are people who fought against, uh, were counter-cultural, who are visionaries, who are artists, who are really people who pushed us in a positive direction,” Clay said, not mentioning that he left Kevin Spacey’s star — right next to Trump’s — unscathed.

“I think Donald Trump represents everything that everybody with half a brain and half a heart in this country resents,” he claimed. “So that’s why he did it.”

Then he threw some big-name celebrities under the bus.

“Robert De Niro left me a voice message. He wanted to say he wanted to give me a high-five,” Clay claimed. “Chelsea Chandler—”

“Chelsea Handler,” his girlfriend standing next to him corrected. “She wanted to know if he was single, and he’s not!”

She giggled, snuggling up next to her boyfriend, an admitted vandal. Clay also mentioned Mark Hamill, the famed “Star Wars” actor who played Luke Skywalker. De Niro, Handler, and Hamill have all been very derisive toward the president.

Clay accepted the praise and felt he, like totally, deserved every bit of it.

“I think I did a really, like, um, a really good act, personally,” he said. “I don’t feel resentful.”

“I feel proud of himself.”

Watch the interview below:

Why is Clay not in jail?

Clay was reportedly bailed out of jail for $20,000 by James Otis, the 2016 Trump star vandal, according to the Daily Wire. Clay still faces charges of felony vandalism and is due in court Aug. 15, the New York Times reported.

The interviewer did not appear to question the young man on what he felt his vandalistic act had actually done to reunite illegal alien families — something the Trump administration has already been working on.

By Thursday, Trump’s star had already been replaced, The Atlantic wrote. The $30,000 cost was reportedly covered by the Hollywood Historic Trust nonprofit organization, based in the largely liberal city. Even some Trump critics passing by the shattered star rebuked Clay for his actions.

“It’s actually vandalism at this point,” said one passerby. “It’s one thing to protest, but it’s another thing to destroy private property.”

“Whether you like the man or not, it’s entirely inconsequential,” another expressed. “You don’t do that to the Walk of Fame.”

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