Man Who Survived Nazi Concentration Camps Silences Media With Message on Border Security

June 20, 2018Jun 20, 2018

The newfound media scrutiny of the years-long immigration crisis has sparked controversial comparisons to “concentration camps” similar to ones operated in Nazi Germany.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) even argued President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policies are like “the cattle cars of Nazi Germany.” Several media figures and politicians have shared similar comparisons.

“This policy of family separation reminds us of the cattle cars of Nazi Germany when children were separated from their parents and marched to supposed showers. It reminds us of the Japanese internment camps. It reminds us of all the darkest periods,” Blumenthal said.

But how accurate are the claims?

David Tuck is probably the most qualified person to answer the question. He survived actual Nazi concentration camps.

“Wake up,” Tuck told the Daily Caller. “Look it up. This is not the Holocaust.”

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In 1941, Tuck was first deported to a Nazi labor camp in Poland. Two years later, he was sent to the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. Tuck was relocated to a third Nazi labor camp, Mauthausen, in 1945 — and the trip to camp in the cold nearly killed him. He was sent to one more Nazi labor camp, Gusen II, before he was rescued by the American military.

When he was finally freed from the clutches of the Nazis, Tuck weighed only 78 pounds and was near death.

Asked to respond to Blumenthal’s remarks comparing border security to the Holocaust, Tuck said he couldn’t believe his ears.
“I don’t believe it when I heard it. They know nothing of the Holocaust,” he told TheDC.

He added, “They want to come to America. So did I. But you have to know who is coming in. It is wrong to separate the kids from the parents. But to call it a concentration camp? That is wrong. It’s a country club.”

Tuck said it’s a daily struggle to survive in an actual concentration camp.

He knows all about it. He still has the number on his arm from Auschwitz to prove it.

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