Mark Meadows Drops Bombshell: ‘Growing Evidence’ FBI Altered Docs in Russia, Clinton Probes

June 21, 2018Jun 21, 2018

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) dropped a number of bombshell revelations during a House hearing on Tuesday, including that there is “growing evidence” that FBI officials altered documents in the Russia and Hillary Clinton probes.

“I think the other thing that I would ask you to look into, there is growing evidence that 302s were edited and changed. Those 302s, it is suggested that they were changed to either prosecute or not prosecute individuals,” Meadows said. “And that is very troubling.”

The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross explains why it could be a big deal:

“Meadows was referring to forms that FBI agents use to summarize witness interviews. He told reporters after Tuesday’s hearing that he has seen evidence that 302s filled out during the Clinton and Russia investigations have been changed. He also said he has ‘more information’ about the alleged alterations,” Ross reported.

Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz indicated he is aware of the allegations and said he plans to follow up on the issue.

“If I could just mention, we have been getting those kind of referrals and as often happens when we issue reports like this we get other information coming to us, and we are intending to follow up on that,” Horowitz told lawmakers.

As another point in the hearing, Meadows identified who he believes is “FBI Attorney 2” in the explosive OIG report that blasts the FBI for mishandling investigations.

“Vive le resistance,” the attorney wrote in a text message to another FBI official, referring to resisting President Donald Trump.

“Is the other one Kevin Clinesmith?” Meadows asked.

He didn’t get an answer, but now the name is out there.

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