Another Dem Lawmaker BUSTED in Racist Scandal — This One Is Bad

February 26, 2019Feb 26, 2019

Maryland Del. Mary Ann Lisanti (D-Harford) allegedly called a majority-black county a “n****r district,” igniting yet another racism scandal for the Democratic Party.

Lisanti, who is white, allegedly told a colleague that “campaigning in Prince George’s County on behalf of another candidate amounted to door-knocking in a 'n****r district,’” according to the left-leaning Huffington Post.

Prince George’s County I reportedly 65 percent black, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The Democrat is now apologizing and claiming that the word is “not in her vocabulary” — even though she used it.

“I am sickened that a word that is not in my vocabulary came out of my mouth,” Lisanti said in a statement.

She continued: “It does not represent my belief system, my life’s work or what is my heart.”

The Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland said the Democrat offered them an “inadequate” apology and used the popular politician line that she didn’t “recall” using the word.

“The use of a derogatory term exhibits that she does not hold the requisite contrition to be entrusted in a leadership role moving forward,” the black caucus said in a statement.

When asked by the Washington Post if she has ever used the N-word, Lisanti responded, “I’m sure everyone has used it. I’ve used the f-word. I used the Lord’s name in vain.”

The latest scandal comes after Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam was busted for previously wearing blackface. Attorney General Mark Herring also admitted to putting on blackface.

What is it with Democrats and all the racism?

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