Matchy-Matchy: Did Melania Trump and Finland’s First Lady Coordinate Their Outfits?

July 16, 2018Jul 16, 2018

First Lady Melania Trump and Finnish First Lady Jenni Haukio were radiant on Monday as they appeared in public ahead of President Trump’s summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin. But one particularly striking detail of their appearance caught everyone’s eyes: How incredibly coordinated their outfits were.

While the mainstream media focused their harsh scrutiny on Trump and Putin’s joint press conference, the first ladies enjoyed a meeting where they spoke together about issues facing the U.S. and Finland. But the fact that they both wore butterflies had people wondering whether they’d planned their outfits together ahead of time or whether it was an incredible coincidence, USA Today reported.

“Enjoyed conversation with the First Lady of Finland today — good conversation about issues facing our nations,” Melania wrote on Twitter. “Thank you to @JenniHaukio for hosting me!”

Melania’s pale yellow A-line and pleated Gucci coat seemed to represent the sun. She matched it with a pair of lemon yellow high-heels. But especially notable was the large butterfly buckle clasped at her waist.

Jenni’s Finnish-designed dress exuded the abundant life of a flower garden under a sunny blue sky. Impossible to ignore was the preponderance of butterflies flitting throughout the elegant floral design.

The summit between Trump and Putin took place at the Finnish presidential palace in Helsinki, according to Fox News, where Finnish president Sauli Niinistö greeted them.

The topics of discussion between Melania and Jenni have not yet been revealed, Finnish news outlet Yle Uttiset reported. Neither have any answers on whether their complementary outfits were planned or not.

Melania drew the world’s attention as well with her elegant attire in England and Belgium during her European trip with President Trump.

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