Media Claims Trump Is Keeping Immigrant Kids in Cages — This Video Shows the Truth

June 15, 2018Jun 15, 2018

Amid claims that the Trump administration is separating illegal immigrant children from their families and putting them in “cages,” one journalist traveled to a detention facility to get the real story.

What he found is far different than what’s being portrayed on social media.

Watch footage from a real facility in El Cajon, California, below:

The journalist found a facility with a full cafeteria, playground, and other facilities.

"Media tell us @realDonaldTrump is keeping kids in 'cages.' The facility I visited is a dormitory with a school, clinic, and outdoor recreation. They give them new clothes .They have field trips to parks & zoos. They even had a 'prom.' Sad situation but not what we have been told," Joel Pollack tweeted.

In recent weeks, at least two photos claiming to show children in "cages" under President Trump have gone viral. In both cases, the photos turned out to be "fake news," as the president would say.

The photo in the tweet above was first pushed as evidence of the harshness of Trump's immigration policies. However, it quickly emerged that the photo was taken in 2014 -- when Barack Obama was still president.

Another photo claiming to show a migrant child in a cage looked even more damaging. The photo was tweeted by far-left journalist and admitted illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas.

Then the truth came out.

The photo was actually taken during a staged pro-immigration protest. It was completely fake.

Sadly, the fake news has been more widely shared than the truth.

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