Melania Stuns in Red, White, and Blue Dress for Independence Day Celebration

July 05, 2018Jul 05, 2018

On Tuesday, the Washington Post mocked the Trumps’ upcoming White House Independence Day celebration for not being celebrity-fueled with a piece entitled, “The Fourth of July White House concert used to be a sea of stars. For Trump, it’s a drought.” The Post reminisced on a time when celebrities like comedian Jimmy Fallon were positively giddy over performing for President Obama during the “glittery Obama years.”

It was odd that they would even think that big-name entertainers, who often publicly express their hatred of Trump, were intended to be the focus of this year’s patriotic ceremony. Instead, Wednesday’s celebration was undeniably centered around the military men and women who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice to protect our incredible freedoms in America.

According to CBS News, the Trumps held a picnic for military families where President Trump made it clear that "Melania and I are honored to celebrate American independence with the heroes who protect American independence. The men, the women of the United States military. These are our finest, thank you very much.”

“Our freedoms exist only because there are brave Americans willing to give their lives to defend it and to defend our great country,” the president continued. “American liberty has been earned through the blood, sweat, and sacrifice of American patriots.”

Trump specifically thanked specific military families in the crowd. Watch the brief speech below:

In keeping with the festive theme of the celebration, First Lady Melania Trump wore a simple yet stunning red, white, and blue dress that captured both the casual atmosphere of a Fourth of July picnic and the classiness she is known for around the world. The blue and white checkered dress drawn together by a glossy red sash evoked images of a patriotic picnic with all the classic American fixings — potato salad, hot dogs, and potato chips — while being nice enough to not want to dribble any mustard on.

Melania wore the beautiful dress while taking part in the formal ceremonies honoring our military and the birth of our nation as well as when she greeted families on the White House lawn.

She also wore it during a spectacular fireworks show celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence as she and her husband watched from the White House balcony.

Images: Official White House photos by Andrea Hanks, D. Myles Cullen, and Sheelah Craighead.

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