Melania Trump Exclaims ‘Oh God’ When She's Shown This Photo at Border Facility

June 29, 2018Jun 29, 2018

First Lady Melania Trump visited a Border Patrol facility in Tucson, Arizona, on Thursday to learn more about the facility and the ongoing border crisis. The images she was shown clearly made a big impact on the first lady.

Melania Trump was visibly moved when she viewed an image of a 6-year-old Costa Rican boy who was abandoned in the middle of the Arizona desert. The little boy’s uncle left him behind with only a bottle of Coca-Cola and a note that read, “I’m looking for my mom.”

“Oh, God,” the first lady exclaimed.

“The child told agents his uncle dropped him off there, telling him the Border Patrol would pick him up, the release said. The boy said he on his way to see his parents in the United States, the agency said,” according to AZCentral.

The little boy is now in good condition after Border Patrol agents rescued him.

“It’s incredible, as young as six years old, you know, someone would leave them,” Melania said. “Wow, very sad.”

Tucson Border Patrol Chief Rodolfo Karisch told Melania Trump that the heartbreaking sight is something they see every day.

“This is something that our people encounter on a daily basis,” Karisch told the first lady.

Watch more from Melania Trump's visit below:

Border Patrol agents don’t just enforce America’s immigration laws, they also save lives when adults put young children in harm’s way by sending them to cross the border illegally. The Border Patrol agents are heroes.

Melania Trump has now visited several migrant detention facilities where she has expressed support for Border Patrol and requested information about the border crisis.

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