Melania Steals UK's Heart After Candid Moment With Veteran Caught on Video

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July 13, 2018Jul 13, 2018

First Lady Melania Trump continued her tradition of charming world leaders on Friday, playing a game of lawn bowling with Phillip May, British Prime Minister Theresa May’s husband.

Wearing a beautiful dress and high heels, the first lady impressed British onlookers with her skills.

However, it was one candid moment between Melania Trump and a British military veteran, known as a “Chelsea Pensioner,” that was gaining attention online.

Watch the spontaneous gesture in the video below:

Earlier in the day, President Donald Trump and the first lady met with Queen Elizabeth II. Both of them strayed from royal protocol.

Royal protocol says men should execute a “neck bow” when meeting the queen and women should do a small curtsy. Both Trump and his first lady opted for a power handshake. There was no bowing from the president.

However, Trump offered words of glowing praise for one of America's strongest allies.

"I give our relationship, in terms of grade, the highest level of special," Trump said of the U.K. on Friday. "Am I allowed to go higher than that? I’m not sure. But it’s the highest level of special. They are very special people; it’s a very special country."

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