Mitch McConnell Sends Warning Shot Against ‘Presidential Harassment’ to House Democrats

November 07, 2018Nov 07, 2018

The midterm elections turned out just about as expected, the GOP maintained control of the Senate but lost the House to the Democrats.

The day after the elections, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) held a press conference to answer questions about the new balance of power in Congress.

In the press conference, McConnell took the opportunity to send a warning to Democrats to not get carried away with their increased power. McConnell compared a possible investigation of President Trump’s tax records to the attempted impeachment of Bill Clinton.

The Democrats will most likely look to pursue new levels of scrutiny and investigations into the Trump Administration, but McConnell made sure to make them think twice before they do so.

“The whole issue of presidential harassment is interesting,” said McConnell. “I remember when we tried it in the late 90s, we impeached President Clinton. His numbers went up and ours went down. We underperformed in the next election.”

“So the Democrats in the House will have to decide just how much presidential harassment they think is good strategy,” he concluded. “I’m not so sure it will work for them.”

Watch his full response in the video below:

In other recent Trump news, President Donald Trump created the first national park to honor African Americans who fought in the Civil War with the creation of Camp Nelson in Nicholasville, Kentucky as the nation’s newest National Monument.

“Camp Nelson was one of the largest Union Army recruitment centers for African American Union soldiers, then known as United States Colored Troops,” Trump’s proclamation states. “During the war, thousands of enslaved African Americans risked their lives escaping to Camp Nelson, out of a deep desire for freedom and the right of self-determination.”

“Today, the site is one of the best-preserved landscapes and archeological sites associated with United States Colored Troops recruitment and the refugee experiences of African American slaves seeking freedom during the Civil War.”

“Camp Nelson reminds us of the courage and determination possessed by formerly enslaved African Americans as they fought for their freedom,” the proclamation continued. “The broader Camp Nelson archeological record also provides opportunities for research and scholarship related to military history, race, identity, and gender during the Civil War — a pivotal chapter of the Nation’s history.”

Have you seen this story at all in your news headlines? I didn’t think so.

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