Mom Says Daughter is Getting Picked on in School for Not Being LGBT

April 29, 2019Apr 29, 2019

A British mom wrote a bizarre editorial in the UK’s Daily Mail about what she’s going through right now with her 13-year-old daughter.

It wasn’t bizarre because of the way she wrote it. It was bizarre in what it showed is happening to kids now just across the pond.

Suzanne Glover — a pseudonym for a woman that didn’t want to reveal her identity — explained that her daughter freely tells her what goes on at her all-girl school every day. What she tells her is shocking.

“When Bella relays the latest events, with dizzying stories of gender fluidity and sexual politics, it’s clear how much times have changed,” Glover wrote.

She revealed that her daughter learns more in school about transgender lifestyles and homosexual relationships than she does about hetrosexual relationships. That’s partly because of what she’s being taught in class curriculum and partly because of what dominates the conversations of her teenage classmates.

After being shown a presentation that included explanations of what it means to be “transgender,” “asexual,” or “cisgender,” Glover’s daughter Bella remarked to her, “I am a girl. I like being a girl. Until now, it didn’t occur to me that I needed to justify it.”

And after being shown a video in class promoting transgender lifestyles, all the students were asked to raise their hand if they “found the talk useful and enjoyable.”

Bella told her mom, “I wasn’t sure about it. But I didn’t dare not put my hand up in case some of the other girls called me transphobic.”

The 13-year-old revealed that she avoids talking about the subjects of gender and sexuality as much as possible in school because she’s seen other girls get ganged up on for not celebrating this drastic shift in norms.

And when Bella does speak, she has to be extra careful to address other students with the correct pronoun, addressing some students as “he” even though it’s an all-girls school.

“Anyone who slips, she says, gets snapped at by the pupils who pride themselves on being more ‘woke’ and enlightened,” her mom wrote.

Glover explained that “the number of children who feel they are living in the wrong body and need to transition to the opposite sex continues to soar year on year,” according to studies, which showed a 25 percent increase from 2017 to 2018.

What’s leading to this dramatic increase in kids identifying as LGBT?

According to Brown University’s public health researcher Lisa Littman, Glover writes, “When they [girls] came out as transgender, parents also said they noticed their children became more popular, gained more social media followers, and were praised more. One parent reported: ‘Being trans is a gold star in the eyes of other teens.’”

On the flipside, Glover notes, “Parents told the study how their trans children derided straight children, whom they viewed as ‘dumb and boring’, and were ‘disparaging’ about ‘heterosexuality, marriage, and nuclear families.’”

Bella confirmed that, telling her mom, “When I talk about liking boys to some girls in my year, I am treated as if I am stupid and I don’t get it. It’s like if you are straight and like the opposite sex, you can’t be a deep or evolved person.”

Wow. That is quite a societal shift.

Plus, these new norms have made it difficult for girls like Bella to know how to form friendships with other girls at the school. She doesn’t know if they want to be more than just friends.

An acquaintance of Glover’s told her that, “My daughter Macie’s school pushes a very sexualized agenda, and this seems to result in very young girls — age 11 to 13 — seeing the world, including female friendships, in a sexual way.”

While expressing that she does accept “gender fluidity” to some degree, Glover concluded, “But schools and parents also need to make sure that they don’t forget to tell our daughters there’s nothing wrong with sticking with the gender they were born with.”

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