Most Men Now Hesitant to Work Alone with Women; AOC Bewilders with Her Response

June 10, 2019Jun 10, 2019

The liberal-driven hysteria behind the #MeToo movement has had an incredible effect on society. It’s changed people’s attitudes and behavior in monumental ways.

But liberals aren’t liking the results one bit, especially socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

According to survey results reported by CNBC, 60 percent of male managers shy away from women in the workplace when it comes to socializing with them, mentoring them, or working with them one-on-one.

That’s a massive shift in the work culture. Last year, only 27 percent of male managers felt that way.

Male managers are also now many times more likely to have a one-on-one meeting with, have a business meal with, or go on a business trip with a male subordinate than a female subordinate.

Another way of looking at this is, 60 percent of men are now following the so-called “Pence Rule” and have taken it even a step further. Vice President Mike Pence once stated that he doesn’t have dinner alone with a woman unless it’s his wife.

Pence was widely criticized — and mocked — for holding to that standard and argued that kind of attitude hurts women because they get “cut out of opportunities to network, share their ideas, and advance in the organization,” Pastor Tracey Bianchi argued in Christianity Today.

“Even if women are invited to speak up or are represented at important meetings, the real decisions are often made over coffee, a long lunch, the hour-long car ride after a seminar, or 18 holes on the golf course,” Bianchi wrote. “When women are erased out of these moments, organizations suffer.”

Yet the “Pence Rule” workplace culture is exactly what liberals have created with their #MeToo movement. Ironic.

Ocasio-Cortez showed that she doesn’t understand that one bit.

“Is it really that hard to not be creepy?” she wrote on Twitter in response to the CNBC story.

“No, it's not that men are inherently creepy. It's that they're afraid they'll be interpreted as creepy, in the era of Me Too and overreactions,” conservative commentator Ashley Rae Goldenberg replied.

Many of her other followers also pointed out that the congresswoman just doesn’t get it.

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