WATCH: MSNBC Tries and FAILS to Bleep Liberal Host’s Anti-Gay Slur Live On-Air

December 12, 2018Dec 12, 2018

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski found herself at the center of controversy on Wednesday after she used an anti-gay slur to bash Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“Why doesn’t Mike Pompeo care right now? Are the pathetic deflections that we just heard when he appeared on ‘Fox and Friends,’ is that a patriot speaking, or a wannabe dictator’s buttboy? I’m dead serious,” she said. “I’m asking, are these the words of a patriot?”

Watch the video below:

MSNBC clearly attempted to bleep out her offensive remark, but failed to hit the dump button in time. Brzezinski quickly took to Twitter to apologize.

“Totally agree with you -SUPER BAD choice of words,” she tweeted. “I should have said “water boy”... like for football teams or something like that.. apologize to @SenatorDurbin too! SO SORRY!”

The jokes on Twitter practically wrote themselves, with some calling for Brzezinski’s Heisman award to be taken from her and others pointing out she won’t be able to host the Oscars in the future.

The jokes were referring to comedian Kevin Hart, who stepped down as Oscars host after past jokes about not wanting his to be gay emerged, and Heisman-winner Kyler Murray, who faced the outrage mob over years-old tweets to his friends.

Donald Trump Jr. weighed in on the Brzezinski controversy, calling out the hypocrisy shown by liberals when one of their own makes a big mistake.

"This is disgusting! How can @KevinHart4real essentially be forced to lose his Oscar’s gig for comments he made years ago as a comedian, but Mika can make a seriously homophobic slur on a major news station, have the network try to cover it up & its not an issue?" Trump Jr. tweeted. "Give me a break!"

Time will tell if she will face any disciplinary action from MSNBC, but we all know what would happen if a conservative Fox News host said the same thing. The liberal outrage mob would not rest until it got its scalp.

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