Take a Look at What Happened to MSNBC’s Ratings After Mueller Investigation Ends

March 27, 2019Mar 27, 2019

MSNBC enjoyed high ratings as it speculated about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, doing its best to convince liberal viewers that President Donald Trump would be implicated.

However, after the Mueller investigation concluded and found zero evidence of “collusion,” the network saw something different — plummeting ratings.

Almost immediately after Attorney General William Barr released a summary of the report exonerating Trump, MSNBC saw ratings drop.

“[Rachel] Maddow, who has consistently vied for the first or second top-rated cable news program, was sixth on Monday evening, down almost 500,000 total viewers from the previous Monday, as was MSNBC’s second top-rated program in primetime, ‘The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell,’” the Daily Beast reported.


Maddow went viral for all the wrong reasons earlier this week when she cried live on the air after President Trump was exonerated by the Mueller report.

For comparison, Fox News host Sean Hannity nearly doubled Maddow’s ratings on Monday, commanding roughly 4 million viewers to Maddow’s 2.5 million, according to the Daily Caller.

President Trump couldn't help but get in on the action.

"The Fake News Media has lost tremendous credibility with its corrupt coverage of the illegal Democrat Witch Hunt of your all time favorite duly elected President, me! T.V. ratings of CNN & MSNBC tanked last night after seeing the Mueller Report statement. @FoxNews up BIG!" Trump tweeted.

Panicked about the ratings, one MSNBC "insider" told the Daily Beast, "Time to pivot to 2020."

Good luck with that.

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