MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Realizes Liberals Are Making a Massive Mistake That's Going to Haunt Them

September 04, 2018Sep 04, 2018

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough spoke out against liberal intolerance on Tuesday’s episode of “Morning Joe.”

According to Scarborough, left-wing American culture doesn’t like to have its views challenged, to the detriment of their own agenda.

The backlash against former White House advisor Steve Bannon after he was disinvited to a festival held by The New Yorker in October due to a number of high-profile Hollywood stars refusing to go if Bannon attended.

“This is, I think a recurring problem. I think there’s a recurring problem that liberals have. And I’ve seen it my whole life — whether on college campuses or now late-night TV, certainly in most of American popular culture. They don’t get their basic views challenged,” said Scarborough.

Hear what else he had to say:

Even though Scarborough says he disagrees with Bannon’s beliefs, it is important that liberals are open to hear and debate what he has to say instead of shutting him out completely.

“[Bannon] is relevant. So what I would want to know as a conservative, if this were happening on the left who is this person? Said Scarborough. “I want to sit down. I want to challenge him or her and I want to defeat them with my ideas.”

“Running and hiding, you’ll remember this. During the 2016 campaign, if we even suggested that Donald Trump could win on this set the last three weeks, we were bombarded with angry tweets and ‘How dare you, you racist.’ Liberals can’t hide their heads in the sand anymore, and that’s what this is doing.”

“You need to listen to your opponents and learn from your opponents,” the TV host concluded.

Do you think Joe Scarborough is right? Do the liberals plug their ears as soon as someone says something they disagree with?

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