MSNBC Starting to Wonder if Some of the Pipe Bombs were Actually Intended to Go Off

October 25, 2018Oct 25, 2018

As the sun began to drop low in the sky on Thursday after several hours of no new package bombs showing up, the news narrative made a subtle shift.

Throughout the day on Wednesday and well into Thursday, Democrats and the mainstream media blamed President Trump for motivating the bombers with his political rhetoric and by allegedly condoning violence. CNN even wrote a caption that read, “Trump Has No Plans to Claim Any Personal Responsibility for Inciting Serial Bomber,” according to NewsBusters.

But then things started to change as more and more information and analysis came in about the nature of the pipe bombs sent to prominent Democrats and CNN’s NYC headquarters.

After seeing a photograph of the bomb sent to CNN, former Navy bomb expert Tom Sauer ridiculed the idea that it was a real explosive ready to detonate. He said it was just plain “silly looking” and looked like someone’s poor attempt at imitating a real pipe bomb. He also claimed that the FBI was not handling it the way they would a real explosive.

In a New York City press conference Thursday afternoon, investigators also rebuffed a sea of reporters demanding confirmation that all the explosive devices are real. They only labeled them “suspected explosive devices,” nothing more.

Former FBI profiler James Fitzgerald, who helped nab “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski, pointed out that the people hurt most politically by these bombing threats are Republicans.

“There could be someone in there, some Democrat, low-level person — I’m not suggesting anyone on the top — who just decided, ‘You know what? I’m going to put this out because two weeks before a major election, because who is going to look like the bad guy here? The Republicans,’” he told Fox News.

And then late in the afternoon on Thursday, MSNBC’s own law enforcement analyst, as well as their law enforcement sources, acknowledged that at least some of the bombs might be complete duds.

According to NBC News, several investigators told the news network that that pipe bomb-like devices “contained flaws in the way they were made,” including “substantial flaws.”

In another article, NBC News’ sources said that at least some of the bombs “contained powder from either a low explosive or a pyrotechnic, as in fireworks” and they contained “all the components necessary to set off a successful explosion?”

But how big of an explosion? They haven’t said.

The bombs that were actually sent through the postal service are problematic, too. The “timing device” on them doesn’t make sense for someone trying to blow up an intended target.

"These things are being found over the space of several days, so what was the timer set for with no guarantee when it would in fact be opened or where it would be at any given time?" MSNBC senior law enforcement analyst Bill Bratton pointed out.

Bratton also explained how significant it is if it’s discovered that these bombs were not made to explode.

"Were they ever intended to actually function and if so how in terms of how were they supposed to be detonated?" he said. "If not, well then that changes the focus from trying to cause bodily harm to effectively creating fear.”

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