Nancy Pelosi CANCELS Trump’s State of the Union Address, Internet Melts Down

January 16, 2019Jan 16, 2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has reportedly told President Donald Trump that his highly anticipated State of the Union address is “off.”

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told CNN’s Kate Bolduan that Pelosi isn’t asking Trump to postpone his State of the Union, she’s mandating it.

“The speaker is the one who invites the President to speak at a joint session, and she has said as long as government is shut down, we’re not going to be doing business as usual,” the Democrat said.

“So the State of the Union is off?” the reporter asked.

“The State of the Union is off,” Hoyer responded.

When asked what would happen if President Trump simply said “no” and demanded to keep the date, Hoyer said he could give the address if he reopens the government.

Pelosi’s stunt is clearly an attempt to stop President Trump from talking about the border crisis directly with the American people amid the tense fight over the border wall. Democrats are likely afraid that such a high-profile address could tip the scales.

It will be extremely interesting to watch how Trump, who does not take kindly to being bullied by Democrats, responds to Pelosi's gambit to censor his State of the Union.

Trump had yet to respond to the controversy as of noon on Wednesday, but he remained on a tear about securing America’s borders.

“There are now 77 major or significant Walls built around the world, with 45 countries planning or building Walls. Over 800 miles of Walls have been built in Europe since only 2015,” Trump tweeted. “They have all been recognized as close to 100% successful. Stop the crime at our Southern Border!”

He added: “It is becoming more and more obvious that the Radical Democrats are a Party of open borders and crime. They want nothing to do with the major Humanitarian Crisis on our Southern Border. #2020!”

How should Trump respond to Pelosi's stunt?

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