WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Has Child-Like Tantrum After AG Barr Says Trump Was Spied On

April 10, 2019Apr 10, 2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is fuming now that the Russia collusion conspiracy has fallen apart, leaving Democrats in the hot seat as Attorney General Bill Barr says the Trump campaign was likely spied on during the 2016 election.

Pelosi's tantrum came after Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) asked Barr on Wednesday if he believed “spying” actually occurred. She did not expect the answer she got.

“You’re not suggesting, though, that spying occurred?” she asked.

“I think spying did occur. Yes, I think spying did occur. But the question is whether it was predicated, adequately predicated,” Barr responded.

He added: “I’m not suggesting it wasn’t adequately predicted, but I need to explore that.”

Watch the exchange below:

The stunning remarks come one day after Barr announced he had assembled a team to investigate the origins of the Obama administration’s investigation targeting the Trump campaign.

Pelosi reportedly erupted in a child-like tantrum during a Democratic Party retreat in Virginia.

“Let me just say, I’m very, very dismayed and disappointed that the chief law enforcement officer of our country is going off the rails yesterday and today,” Pelosi told reporters.

She added: “He is attorney general of the United States of America, not the attorney general of Donald Trump.”

Pelosi is surely furious that Democrats can no longer run campaigns based on the Russia collusion conspiracy, making Democrats’ odds of beating President Donald Trump in 2020 even smaller.

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