NATO Sec General Stuns Media, Destroys Narrative With Statement on Trump's Leadership

July 11, 2018Jul 11, 2018

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg contradicted the media narrative that President Donald Trump’s is blowing up America’s relationship with NATO, praising the president’s strong leadership on spending issues.

Just don't expect this to make front page news in the mainstream media.

“First of all, it’s great to see you again, Mr. President. And good to have you here for a summit. And we are going to discuss many important issues at the summit. Among them is defense spending. And we all agree that we have to do more,” Stoltenberg told Trump. “I agree with you that we have to do make sure that our allies are investing more. The good news is that allies have started to invest more in defense.”

He added, “After years of cutting defense budgets, they have started to add billions to their defense budgets. And last year was the biggest increase in defense spending across Europe and Canada in that generation.”

An inquisitive Trump then asked Stoltenberg, “Why was that last year?”

“It’s also because of your leadership, because of your carried message,” Stoltenberg answered.

That’s when Trump pointed directly at the media and criticized them for failing to report the fact.

“They won’t write that, but that’s okay,” he remarked.

Stoltenberg reiterated that Trump’s leadership “really has” made a difference.

“And your message is having an impact, and we are going to build on that to make sure that we have further increases,” he added.

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