Navy SEAL Shreds David Hogg’s Plan to Stop School Shootings Point-by-Point

June 05, 2018Jun 05, 2018

Prominent Parkland gun control activist David Hogg recently released a five-point gun control plan that he says will stop future school shootings. Needless to say, his plan has been the target of tough criticism.

One of the toughest reviews came from retired Navy SEAL and business owner Eli Crane.

“The irony of David’s proposed plan is shortsighted, incomplete and pretty much worthless. I just did a threat assessment of a school three weeks ago in my home state of [Arizona] with an emphasis on an active shooter,” Crane said. “I can tell you that not one thing David proposed would stop me or anyone else from a whole lot of carnage on that campus or any other for that matter.”

Watch Crane's full response here:

Hogg is proposing CDC funding for research into gun violence, universal background checks, digitization of ATF records, a high-capacity magazine ban, and total ban of so-called “assault weapons.”

“I’m not sure when the last time David purchased a gun [was], but I own several. I have never purchased one without filling out the proper paperwork and having my background checked,” Crane said, adding that he’d be willing to discuss changes to laws concerning gun show sales.

However, the retired Navy SEAL also said closing the gun show “loophole” would not solve any problems.

On the issue of research, Crane agreed in principle, but disagreed on the topic of research.
“David believes that we should be funding the research of gun violence. I think that would be a waste of time and money,” he said. “If we are going to research anything it needs to be something that will save the most lives NOW. We should be researching the most effective and affordable ways to harden these schools that are unfortunately very soft targets.”

Crane warned Hogg against allowing the government to keep a database of gun owners.

“Many Americans, myself included, do not want the government to have a national database or registry of firearm ownership,” he added. “Quite simply, most Americans do not trust the federal government.”

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