New Details Emerge in Exactly How a Runner Strangled a Cougar with His Bare Hands

February 06, 2019Feb 06, 2019

Clearer details are emerging about a vicious mountain lion attack on a Colorado runner. And it’s getting even crazier.

An unarmed man, who has yet to be identified, was running in the Rocky Mountain foothills just outside Fort Collins on Monday when he noticed a juvenile cougar stalking him, the Denver Post reported.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Rebecca Ferrell presented a fuller picture of what happened next. She said the man’s previous research into what to do in the event of a mountain lion attack came into play when he saw the lion ready to pounce.

“Not only is he brave, but he is very conscientious. He was also as prepared as they come,” Ferrell said.

Making himself appear to be a ferocious predator, not a prey, the man yelled as he waved his arms over his head. That’s what wildlife experts recommend doing, but it doesn’t always do enough.

“The mountain lion pounced anyway,” the wildlife spokeswoman said.

Typical of a wild cat, the mountain lion lunged for the man’s head and neck. Avoiding the deadly strike, the runner threw up his arm, which got latched onto by the cat’s fangs instead.

Using his free hand, the man reached down, picked up a rock, and beat the cougar on the head with it. Amazingly, it refused to let go.

The man put the mountain lion in a headlock and wrestled with it until it released his wrist. Knowing the cat would attack again, the man went on the offense.

He attacked the lion.

The runner leapt onto the lion’s back and wrapped his hands, arms and even feet around its neck, choking the creature to death. He then hiked his way back to the car and took himself to the hospital where he was treated for serious but non-life-threatening injuries. The dead cat tested negative for rabies.

“It’s an amazing story. Everyone is baffled and impressed. He had no weapons, no knives or trekking poles with him,” Ferrell said, also adding that details of his incredible fight for survival have checked out.

The man, meanwhile, has been likened to martial artist Chuck Norris and has received multiple book deals, film deals, and marriage proposals. For now, though, he’s laying low until he recuperates.

CPW tweeted a list of tips of how to deal with a mountain lion during a rare attack.

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