New Official Trump Campaign Video Has No Spoken Words, But It’s Epic, Powerful

April 09, 2019Apr 09, 2019

With all the attention on the — now 18 — Democratic presidential candidates, it’s easy to forget for a moment that President Trump is campaigning, too, to keep his seat in the Oval Office for another four years.

The president posted a new official campaign video on his personal Twitter page recently. The two-minute commercial contained no spoken words, but the story it told was epic and powerful.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton — who isn’t running for president, to the relief of many — took a shot at Trump on Twitter.

“The white nationalists certainly think MAGA is a white nationalist slogan,” Hillary said, linking to a Huffington Post story and insinuating that the “Make America Great Again” motto is a white nationalist slogan, even though the vast majority of people who use it are not white nationalists.

Twitter exploded in response. One person shared a video with Hillary of her husband using the phrase “make America great again” multiple times.

Others had a field day with her tweet, too.

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