Newt Gingrich Destroys ‘Me-centered’ Beto O’Rourke, and It’s Brutal

March 20, 2019Mar 20, 2019

“In the age of the Kardashians, O’Rourke may be the perfect candidate.”

That’s what political commentator and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich wrote about Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke in a Fox News opinion piece published Wednesday. but he doesn’t think it’ll be enough to get the Irish man nominated.

Gingrich said that rather than “develop a thoughtful moral cause larger than himself,” O’Rourke has chosen a “me-centered” campaign.

In other words, Beto running for president is all about Beto.

“O’Rourke may be the most charismatically empty candidate since Robert Redford played ‘The Candidate’ in the 1972 movie of that name,” Gingrich continued.

He explained that his “vacuous lack of moral and historical meaning may explain the windmill effect of O’Rourke’s arms waving non-stop. Apparently, he believes if he waves at you enough, you won’t notice what he is saying, which is vacuous and without definition in any serious way.”

“In the age of the Kardashians, O’Rourke may be the perfect candidate,” Gingrich wrote. “He is in because he is in. He should lead because he likes to lead. We should applaud and watch in awe because that is our role.”

“Somehow, I doubt this will work,” he added.

Pointing out how late in the game O’Rourke announced his candidacy, Gingrich said, “In a field of nearly 20, arm-waving and immense self-confidence may not be enough. My hunch is we will look back on the announcement week as the high-water mark of the O’Rourke campaign, and then it will be ‘bye bye Beto.’”

A lot of Democrats are having doubts about his ability to succeed, too.

“Is Betomania Real or Phony?” asked New York Times columnist Thomas B. Edsall in an opinion piece with that headline.

Edsall quoted Data for Progress co-founder Sean McElwee, who commented, “I think he’s vulnerable because of his gaffes and vague policies, but I think he’s most weak due to his pretty pro-development tenure on the El Paso City Council.”

McElwee added that O’Rourke is “no more electable than Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren and would be far less prepared to staff and run a White House. He’s never shown a commitment to progressive policies in the past, why should we trust him now? We don’t need a superstar, we need someone ready to push all-out to implement the progressive agenda.”

GenderAvenger co-founder Gian Glantz added: “I must admit, after a few days of watching and reading about his opening gatherings, I am less rather than more intrigued. To me, he exudes a sense of entitlement, which I find off-putting.”

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