North Korea Returns US Soldiers Remains – Pence Slams Media for Disrespecting Fallen Soldiers

August 03, 2018Aug 03, 2018

After over 65 years behind enemy lines, remains of US soldiers finally arrived back on US soil on Wednesday. The remains of 55 soldiers killed in the Korean War arrived in Hawaii for identification and were welcomed home by Vice President Mike Pence.

You would hope that this event would be major news, but according to most news stations, it wasn’t.

While Fox News broadcast the entire event live, CNN aired just under one minute of the ceremony live and MSNBC didn’t air one single second of the ceremony live.

As for the evening news, ABC News reported on the event for 24 seconds, while NBC and CBS did not mention it once.

It seems as if “The Forgotten War” is sadly still being ignored.

Howard Kurtz of Fox News called out the mainstream media for their failure to cover the event and the disrespect it showed for our military, past and present.

"You can’t overstate the emotional significance of these presumed remains of American fighting soldiers coming home 65 years after the Korean War ended," said Kurtz, saying mainstream media made a “wrong call” to not air the ceremony live.

Vice President Mike Pence also was harsh on the mainstream media and their coverage, saying that the media “would do well to spend a little bit more time traveling across the country and listening to the American people.”

See what else he had to say in the video below.

Do you think the mainstream media made a mistake not covering the return of the Korean War remains?

Let’s hope “gone, but not forgotten” still means something to Americans and the media in the future.

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