Numerous Bomb Threats Across the Nation Send Police Scrambling to Respond

December 13, 2018Dec 13, 2018

Numerous bomb threats across the nation sent authorities scrambling to respond Thursday.

According to local NBC affiliate WXMV, there have been a number of threats around Lexington, Kentucky as well as Nashville, Franklin, and Clarksville, Tennessee. Those threats are reportedly being emailed by someone demanding payments in Bitcoins.

The Guardian Building in Detroit, which houses renowned architecture firm SmithGroup, as well as a nearby building that houses the county treasurer’s office, have been threatened, Click On Detroit reported. At least one of those threats was also made by email.

Threats of three more bombs were made against the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, also in downtown Detroit. No bombs were found there.

Police responded to threats made against the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, local ABC affiliate KATC reported. That threat came across email, prompting an evacuation of the area.

Further north in Alexandria, authorities reported that they were investigating a threat made against a federal bank. And the threats are far more widespread than those four states.

“Dozens of bomb threats being reported at news outlets, government buildings, banks, libraries, schools and other businesses across the US, various local media and police depts. Report,” wrote NBC News on Twitter.

They also shared an alert from the NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau in New York City: “We are currently monitoring multiple bomb threats that have been sent electronically to various locations throughout the city. These threats are also being reported to other locations nationwide and are not considered credible at this time."

Some people shared the email their companies received online:

The News & Observer building in Raleigh, North Carolina was also a target:

Cedar Rapids, Iowa was not exempt:

Neither were multiple locations in Oklahoma City:

3,000 students had their day disrupted at the Bronx High School of Science:

Other locations included Chicago, Dixie State University in Utah, the WNDU news station in Indiana, Capital University in Ohio, a high school in Idaho, a Jewish center in San Francisco, and Columbine High School in Colorado, among many others:

“So literally the whole country just got a bomb threat right now,” a Twitter user in New York City summed up.

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