NY Times Busted Pushing Fake News to Smear Nikki Haley — This One Is BAD

September 14, 2018Sep 14, 2018

The New York Times on Thursday reported that the U.S. State Department spent $52,701 for curtains at Nikki Haley’s official residence as ambassador to the United Nations.

The headline, clearly intended to suggest wrongdoing, reads, “State Department Spent $52,701 on Curtains for Nikki Haley’s Residence.” The article’s author, Gardiner Harris, went even further in a tweet.


“Nikki Haley’s View of New York Is Priceless. Her Curtains? $52,701,” he tweeted.

However, four paragraphs into the New York Times article lies the truth:

“A spokesman for Ms. Haley said plans to buy the curtains were made in 2016, during the Obama administration. Ms. Haley had no say in the purchase.”

That’s right. The curtains were purchased under former President Barack Obama and had nothing to do with Haley in the first place.

It didn't take long for the internet to call out the left-leaning outlet.

"Misleading headline. Few are reading past the first couple grafs. And now most of Twitter thinks @nikkihaley is like Pruitt or Price when she’s not. How irresponsible. Read the whole story. Also the rent is less expensive than previous admins," journalist Yashar Ali tweeted.


Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) weighed in too, calling it a clear example of media bias.



Unsurprisingly, the New York Times declined to report on the $53,000 curtains when they were actually bought under Obama.

And they wonder why President Trump calls them "fake news."

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