Obama Official Live On TV Slams Trump's Trade Policies - Then Instant Karma Happens

July 26, 2018Jul 26, 2018

In a blistering segment on CNBC former Obama Treasury Secretary harshly criticized President Trump's willingness to enact tariffs on other countries saying, "A full-blown trade war doesn't serve the interests of either of our economies, of the global economy."

He continued confidently, "Right now we're at risk of being in a trade war with China, with Europe, with Canada, With Mexico, With our best friends in the world and our biggest challenges in the world. And that's not a good place for the United States to be."

Suddenly one of the hosts cuts him off saying, “Mr. Secretary, Hold, Hold on for one second we have some breaking news on trade and we’ll come back to you in just a moment.”

This is what you call a show stopper

Unfortunately for the Obama official who thought he knew what he was talking about, the breaking news completely contradicted him. President Donald Trump’s pressure on the EU worked and the stock market was rocketing upwards at that very moment.

After being told about the news he sat there dumbfounded saying “I'm in a little bit of a bad position to respond not knowing the full details,”

It turns out that others watching the segment on YouTube also thought his failure to understand basic negotiations and trade policies was hilarious too.

Tony G said, "Haha Jack bashing Trumps (sic) tactics and gets interrupted to news of Trump cucking the EU. HAHAHAHA

Holy Trash jumped on the Trump train too, "This is proof of who these whining liberals really are...Trump just made a master deal of 0 tariffs for both the EU and the US trade...and Jack goes immediately back to complaining like a girl all the while the DOW is sky rocketing (sic)."

Another YouTube user also slammed Obama's trade policies by saying "Did Obama's team even know what trade and tariff's (sic) were?"

No Joke.

After it became evident that Obama’s man didn’t have a leg to stand on the other host ended things by saying, “If this is true, this would be certainly a win for the administration, and it would show the world that these tough trade tactics are working — this idea of short-term pain for long-term gain,” she said. “It's certainly not the way you guys went about it.”

I guess that’s what happens when you don’t know what you are talking about.

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