Obama Stuns Left on Identity Politics — Listen to What He Says About Being 'White'

July 17, 2018Jul 17, 2018

President Barack Obama struck a distinctively different tone when talking about identity politics during a speech in Africa on Tuesday to commemorate the late Nelson Mandela.

The former president argued Democracy demands getting inside the “reality of people who are different than us.”

"You can't do this if you just out of hand disregard what your opponents have to say from the start,” Obama said. “And you can’t do it if you insist that those who aren't like you because they're white, or because they're male that somehow there’s no way they can understand what I’m feeling; that somehow they lack standing to speak on certain matters.”


A lot of people probably wish he would have spoken more like that when he was president of the United States. It's certainly a message some on the far-left need to hear.

Obama later got some applause for repeating Mandela's famous quote about “hate.”

"People must learn to hate. And if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love,” he said. “For love comes more naturally to the human heart. … Let’s remember that truth.”


Meanwhile, headlines like "What’s Going on With America’s White People?" continue to be published as the media continues to deepen racial divide in America.

During one Black Lives Matter protest, white demonstrators were literally ordered to go to the back of the protest.

Maybe those on the left who still don't get it will embrace the concept of not dismissing or discriminating against someone because of the color of their skin or their gender now that Obama said it.

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