Ocasio-Cortez Complains That She’s Not Being Called a ‘Genius’ for Her Ideas

December 11, 2018Dec 11, 2018

No incoming member of Congress is getting as much attention as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But no incoming member of Congress is pushing ideas that, if implemented, would as foundational change America as the ideas she’s pushing would.

The 29-year-old woman, who will represent sections of the Bronx and Queens when she officially takes her seat in Congress, believes she’s been treated unfairly.

“Double standards are Paul Ryan being elected at 28 and immediately being given the benefit of his ill-considered policies considered genius; and me winning a primary at 28 to immediately be treated with suspicion & scrutinized, down to my clothing, of being a fraud,” she wrote on Twitter Monday.


Those criticizing her, though, tend to focus on her Socialist proposals and her seeming lack of knowledge about the things she’ll be dealing with in Congress. Ocasio-Cortez has pushed strongly for universal health care, tuition-free colleges, federal housing and job guarantees, and complete U.S. dependence on renewable sources of energy in the very new future — all programs that she hasn’t been able to explain the funding for, like in this CNN interview and this Univision interview.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway went after Ocasio-Cortez on Tuesday after she called White House chief of staff John Kelly a liar and a coward.

“John Kelly was straight up exposed for lying about @RepWilson in comments aimed at discrediting her,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Monday. “He absolutely owes her an apology, and his refusal to do so isn’t a sign of strength — it’s cowardice.”


According to The Hill, Conway replied on Fox News that "[Kelly] is in his fifth decade of public service, and this country owes him a debt of gratitude, not the nonsense that has been spewed about him recently from the left, and from this 29-year-old congresswoman who doesn't seem to know much about anything when you ask her basic concepts about the economy, or the Middle East, or military funding."

She added, "[It's] really embarrassing. And for her to even use a slur against him yesterday — I won’t repeat her name or the slur.”


Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy also went after Ocasio-Cortez on Monday, saying she likes the live-streamed videos the congresswoman keeps broadcasting to her fans on social media because they show “host empty-headed she really is.”

“And her brain is as empty as socialism itself and the ideas that she pushes,” she added.


Ocasio-Cortez keeps dishing it out to her critics, and they keep dishing it back.

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