AOC Furious After Getting Included with ‘Enemies of Freedom,’ Slams Free Speech

May 28, 2019May 28, 2019

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is furious after she got included in a list of “enemies of freedom,” and now she’s calling for more limits on the freedom of speech.

It all started on Memorial Day when the Fresno Grizzlies, a minor league team in California, aired an inspiring video featuring a famous speech by President Ronald Reagan, according to CNN. The video had a strong message of American exceptionalism and, near the end, included images of “enemies of freedom.”

One of the images near the end was of Ocasio-Cortez.

The socialist congresswoman was pictured between totalitarian leaders Kim Jong-Un and Fidel Castro as “potential adversaries.” Also included were Antifa militants calling for anarchy and violence.

The Grizzlies apologized for the pre-produced video and said they selected and aired it without watching it all the way to the end.

Despite the apology, Ocasio-Cortez was absolutely was livid and attacked America’s First Amendment.

“What people don’t (maybe do) realize is when orgs air these hateful messages, my life changes bc [because] of the flood of death threats they inspire. I‘ve had mornings where I wake up & the 1st thing I do w/ my coffee is review photos of the men (it’s always men) who want to kill me,” she wrote on Twitter, assuming everyone’s gender.

“I don’t even get to see all of them. Just the ones that have been flagged as particularly troubling. It happens whenever Fox gets particularly aggressive + hateful, too. Young interns have to constantly hear hateful messages (far beyond disagreement) from ppl we don’t even rep,” she continued, not addressing the fact that death threats are a sad reality not at all unique to her.

“All of this is to say that words matter, and can have consequences for safety. For those who believe in ‘free speech:’ whose free speech do you believe in?” she added, even though calling her an enemy of America’s traditions of freedom and comparing her to dictators is absolutely protected by free speech — just like referring to President Trump as “literally Hitler” is.

But Ocasio-Cortez, apparently, doesn’t believe that type of “free speech” should exist.

“Bc [because] some folks using free speech to defend racism are also supporting folks passing laws to allow running over protesters,” she concluded.

Racist speech, although hurtful and awful, is protected by free speech, especially since there isn’t always agreement on what is racist or not. The Supreme Court confirmed during the Obama administration that “hate speech” is protected by the First Amendment, according to the Washington Post.

As for whether legislators are actually trying to pass laws allowing drivers to mow down protesters with their cars, that is inaccurate. The proposed laws, none of which have been enacted according to a 2017 CNN story, would not give motorists the license to intentionally hit protesters blocking the road.

Rather, the laws would have given legal protection to drivers that accidentally hit people who jumped out in front of them. Even heavily Democratic Rhode Island proposed a similar bill. That bill, like many of the other ones, still required that drivers "exercise due care" if trying to get past people obstructing the roadway.

In other words, AOC is spreading fake news.

Some of the concern that led to such proposals was by people worried about what they should do if their cars were attacked by protesters, according to The Blaze. A number of the U.S. demonstrations in the past several years have turned into full-blown riots with rioters throwing objects at cars, attacking them with clubs, hurling bricks through windows, and jumping on the hoods and roofs.

Some of Ocasio-Cortez’ Twitter followers did not agree with her attack on free speech and didn’t think the Grizzlies’ video constituted a threat of violence against her.

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