AOC Humiliated: Meteorologist Destroys Claim that Climate Change Triggers Tornadoes

May 24, 2019May 24, 2019

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who claims that her Green New Deal is the only thing that stands between us and the total destruction of the planet, played the role of the scientist against on Thursday.

Writing on social media, AOC used the weather outside her Washington, D.C. window as proof that the entire earth is in a state of imminent doom.

“Well, that was something. Alarms went off in the building advising people to seek shelter,” she wrote. “Apparently the tornado moved/missed the city so quickly that they ended the warning shortly after.”

“And also apparently this is a thing that happens in the summer here? With increasing intensity?” she continued.

“The climate crisis is real y’all 🌪.”

“Guess we’re at casual tornadoes in growing regions of the country,” she added.

If that last sentence doesn’t make any sense to you, you’re not alone.

“Different parts of the country deal with different climate issues,” she also wrote, describing severe weather in New York City.

“ALL of these threats will be increasing in intensity as climate crisis grows and we fail to act appropriately #GreenNewDeal,” she concluded.

Meteorologist Ph.D. Ryan Maue chided Ocasio-Cortez’ for her claim and try to make it as simple as possible for her to understand.

“I thought this was fake but it's from @AOC Instagram story,” Maue wrote on Twitter. “No idea what she means with ‘casual tornadoes’ and how this line of severe thunderstorms is proof of any ‘climate crisis’. It's just the weather in D.C. 🤷‍♂️”

“The Congresswoman @AOC does not know the difference between weather and climate,” he continued. “Let's try an easy analogy: Weather is what outfit you wear heading out the door. Climate is your closet wardrobe.”

Just remember, AOC, if you want to go back to NYC, there’s no place like home.

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