AOC Lashes out at Amazon, and They Destroy Her with Her Own Words

June 18, 2019Jun 18, 2019

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) took on Amazon again, and this time it went really, really badly for her.

The young congresswoman was being interviewed on ABC News’ “This Week” when the host asked her if Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos would still be a billionaire under her economic system since she says that “an economic system that has billionaires is immoral.”

AOC completely dodged the question and shifted to complaining that Amazon’s warehouse workers aren’t making “a living wage.” She suggested they’re being paid “starvation wages” instead while Bezos makes billions.

Amazon shot back on Twitter, writing, “@AOC is just wrong. Amazon is a leader on pay at $15 min wage + full benefits from day one. We also lobby to raise federal min wage.”

Later on in the day, she scolded the internet giant and pointed out that “1 in 10 of Amazon’s Ohio employees were on food stamps,” according to a Daily Beast article she shared.

“If a person is working 40h/week & is paid so little that they need gov help to make ends meet, it’s not the person that’s a weight on our system — it’s the company,” she added. “People need to be paid a living wage. We stand up to co’s that rely on food stamps to make up for their low wages.”

But some people pointed out that $15 an hour, which is what Amazon pays its workers, is exactly what AOC has been saying is the minimum wage everyone must be paid.


“We have to make one fair wage and we have to raise the national minimum wage to $15 an hour, nothing less,” Ocasio-Cortez insisted while bartending in New York City recently as a publicity stunt for promoting a federally enforced nationally wage increase.

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