Watch Ocasio-Cortez Supporters Try to Explain How We'll Pay for 'All That Free Stuff'

July 27, 2018Jul 27, 2018

Supporters of so-called “Democratic socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a hard time explaining how the U.S. would pay for all the “free stuff” that their preferred candidate is advocating for on the campaign trail.

Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips traveled the the New York district in which Ocasio-Cortez is running for Congress and pressed her potential voters on how we will actually fund things like “Medicare for all” and housing as a “human right.”

Watch the full video below:

“Oh god, I mean,” one woman responded.

Her friend then interjected, "Us."

"Us, I guess," the woman agreed.

Another responded claimed some of it should be funded by “taxes,” but the government should pay for it too. Phillips was then forced to inform the woman that the government is actually funded by American tax dollars.

"Yes," she replied sheepishly.

One male Ocasio-Cortez was brutally honest and admitted he had no idea where the money would come from.

"I don’t know where the money would come from, but they can figure it out,” he said, later advocating for taxing the rich more. 

The idea of simply taxing the "one percent" and corporations more was a popular answer.

However, some of the responses beg the question, do supporters of socialism in America even understand socialism? Does Ocasio-Cortez even fully understand?

Watch her recent interview on "The Daily Show" in the vide above and decide for yourself.

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