Over 50 Taliban Commanders Killed by U.S. Marines Last Week

May 30, 2018May 30, 2018

While not getting as much attention as they used to get, U.S. troops continue to have major victories over America’s enemies in Afghanistan. Their achievements over the past week are astounding.

U.S. Marines tracked a group of Taliban leaders gathering for a big meeting, Fox News reported. They then used a number of GPS-guided rocket artillery attacks to make a huge impact on the group’s leadership in the Helmand Province.


Lt. Col. Martin O'Donnell of the U.S. Forces Afghanistan coalition explained that the strike was part of the Trump Administration’s new strategy for winning the continuing war in Afghanistan against the Taliban, which continues to be a major threat.

Demolishing the leadership in that region is especially important, Army Gen. John Nicholson explained, because, “Helmand has been the financial engine of the insurgency. The Taliban draws 60 percent of their revenue from narcotics [and] criminal activity.”


President Trump has ramped up U.S. combat activity in the area with this newest strike being the biggest one in six and a half years.

So why the focus on Afghanistan when ISIS has been a more visible threat to America lately? According to Fox News, ISIS isn’t doing so well.

After repeated losses, ISIS fighters have been leaving Iraq and Syria and heading to the Phillippines instead, Business Insider reported. The Philippines military has been fighting aggressively against them.

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